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The one on the left...

is an Army kid who found theater in Japan, lost track of it in Georgia, and found it again in North Carolina at Davidson College, because of the brilliant Ann Marie Costa. She's based in Denver, Colorado, and she's acted, directed, written, created and produced theater in various forms with many tremendously talented, funny, and kind people. 


For 12 seasons, as the director of Buntport Theater for All Ages, she poured her guts into collaboratively creating, producing, and performing a fortnightly original comedy series (103 episodes), 2 monthly original comedy series (37 episodes), and 6 original touring shows.  This program extended into a partnership with the Denver Art Museum that continues today in the form of site-specific and collection-specific original theatre pieces.    


She's performed scripted work with several of Colorado's theatre companies, and these experiences have stretched her and connected her with people and dancing and puppets and quiche.  Through all of this making of shows in theatres, museums of this and such, and repurposed so n' so's, she continues to learn how much she appreciates storytelling that surprises her--visually, linguistically, comedically, stylistically, and-- of course!-- twistily and turnily.  She loves best of all when a light (of whatever sort) turns on, or peeks through from somewhere you never expected it, or dies suddenly. And we feel it.  


The one on the right... is Hopper.
That's what you wanted to know in the first place.  She likes paws-on-shoulders hugs, sticking her head out the car window so her beard blows back, and going for walks when it's quiet out and no one bugs her.  The Schnauzer in her reaches its height when UPS
trucks insist on ruining the neighborhood with their driving and delivering and approaching everything all the time. 

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