When You’re Seeing Stars

  Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre, 2016


Miró, Magic, and the Night, Fox Detectives, Art Emergency

  Collaboratively created with Real Live Theater

  and Denver Art Museum 2015-present


Devised TYA Plays during Direction of

Buntport Theater for All Ages 2005-2018:  

  Siren Song  2 seasons

  Duck Duck Dupe  3 seasons

  Trunks: a live comic book  8 seasons

  Yesterado: Stories of Colorado When It Was Young


  Eating Words

  Ode to an Ode: a comedy of iambic proportions

  The O Show: a trio of O. Henry 

  Fox Tales



John Lipsky Award for Excellence in Playwriting

Westword Mastermind Award for Innovation in the Performing Arts

Arts Affinity Group and SCFD Grant Award for a Civil Rights Devising Collaboration

Lone Tree Arts Center Commission to create the original play Eating Words

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation Commission to create original play The O Show

Denver Post Ovation Award for Best Children’s Production Trunks: a live comic book

Colorado Theater Guild Award for Special Achievement in Children’s Theater  Trunks: a live comic book

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